What Parents Say….

“For the first two years of her life, my toddler Roen, was a pretty great sleeper. She had no major problems….until one day, she suddenly began refusing to nap in her crib. She was too young to drop a nap and I could tell she was tired. I’d put her down for the nap and she’d cry and beg to get out, then immediately fall asleep in the stroller or on the couch. As a working mom, I rely on this nap time to get things done! But most importantly, I knew her little body and brain needed the sleep. This nap resistance went on for a few weeks before I became completely desperate and reached out to Valentina for help. One of her first steps, after doing a home visit to check out out our sleep environment, was to share some basic tips, which we implemented immediately. I still can’t believe how quickly things improved. The tips are simple, but we needed a reminder of how important they are and how effective they can be. Adding them to our routine didn’t only help Roen’s sleep….they helped our sleep as parents!!! In one night, our bedtime routine had changed for the better. I couldn’t believe it!!! We continued working with Valentina who’s approach is completely gentle. We chose a sleep training method that was 100% gentle, in fact, which involved me falling asleep with Roen. I loved it as I’ve never been interested in doing conventional ‘sleep training’ with my baby. Every day, I’d check in with Valentina and she’d provide tips on how to handle the day, nap times etc. In the end, my knowledge about children’s sleep grew exponentially! I now feel so empowered when it comes to Roen’s sleep — I know how to handle all situations thanks to the information Valentina’s shared with us. But I was most impressed with how Valentina was able to think outside the box when it came to our unique situation which. In the end, she determined that our issues surrounding the nap weren’t actually sleep related…they were caused by something else entirely! Thanks to Valentina’s wisdom and ability to see the big picture, I was able to focus on another element of Roen’s life which has totally helped her sleep and our relationship. We were so so so happy to have connected with Valentina and get to the bottom of Roen’s issue! I truly was blown away by her services. She is wise beyond her years, completely supportive and absolutely lovely. I would recommend Valentina to anyone.”

Erin & Darren

“Our son was about 8 months old when Valentina coached us. Our bedtime routine took forever because he wouldn’t fall asleep. Vaidan was waking up multiple times in the night to nurse. He had to nurse back to sleep otherwise he would just scream and scream. He was waking up at 5am every morning and was just all around grumpy. Nap times were the same and he had to be nursed to sleep. Now Vaidan sleeps 11.5 hours through the night. He goes to sleep on his own. When friends are over and we go to put him down and come out a few minutes later, they always say “thats it?” in amazement. He knows his routine and we put him down awake and he goes to sleep on his own. Sometimes he may wake up in the middle of the night but he puts himself back to sleep within a few minutes. He generally wakes up happy and talking to his stuffies around 7am. Valentina was very knowledgable about sleep coaching and we are ever grateful for her expertise. We have a bit of a different ritual for night time than she originally suggested but culturally for my husband it was important we did it that way and she was non-judgemental. The plan she created was very gentle. Vaidan did cry in the beginning but nothing compared to before Valentina started helping us and since we were consistent it quickly stopped. Valentina was quick to answer all of our questions in her calm manner. We were so exhausted before she started working with us and now we get some alone time and a full night’s sleep. Thank you Valentina from the bottom of our hearts! There is no better gift for new parents than the gift of sleep”.

Amber & Pawan

After only a couple of days of committing to and follow the plan designed for us, we noticed drastic improvements. Oliver was actually in bed by 7pm. Yes, there were days where he fussed a little more than others along the way, but it was truly a night and day difference. We received incredible support every morning from Valentina; whether over the phone initially, or by email as we worked through the program.

The approach was very personalized; and appropriate, mutually agreed upon adjustments were made based on the feedback we provided each morning. It never felt cookie-cutter.

Today, Oliver is actually happy about going to bed, laying down his head on our shoulders and giving a big sigh as we work through his nightly routine. No crying, no fussing. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our results, and the best part is, Oliver is so much more happy when he wakes up in the morning and throughout the day. Not to mention, our evenings are free to once again enjoy our marriage.

We highly recommend Valentina and Baby Buona Notte to anyone wanting a happy, refreshed baby that sleeps through the night!

Tatiana & Marty

Valentina has been such a pleasure to work with. From day one, she listened to our goals, reassured us that a full nights sleep was on the horizon and set realistic tasks for the family to take on. She coached us to coach our baby how to sleep through the night, she guided us through some initial difficult days and we saw results immediately! Most importantly, Valentina gave us the confidence to understand our baby’s sleep needs and act appropriately, she is empathetic and compassionate as she has been in our spot before! After working with Valentina, we are all sleeping better and the benefits are incredible. I still cannot believe we did it! Thank you much Valentina!

Cathy & Donn