Sleeping through the night is within reach….

Awake in the night? Short or missed naps?  Early risings?

Have you read all the baby sleep books out there and still no luck helping your child get the rest they need?

Are you dealing with tantrums, timeouts, talking back, morning and bedtime battles, meltdowns? Do you feel powerless and have tried everything to get your child to listen without success? 

I will help you to get your deserved sleep back and to bring the best out of your child everyday without losing your mind!     


What Parents Say….

“We were so so so happy to have connected with Valentina and get to the bottom of Roen’s issue! I truly was blown away by her services. She is wise beyond her years, completely supportive and absolutely lovely. I would recommend Valentina to anyone.”

Erin & Darren

“We were so exhausted before Valentina started working with us and now we get some alone time and a full night’s sleep. Thank you Valentina from the bottom of our hearts! There is no better gift for new parents than the gift of sleep”.

Amber & Pawan

“Today, Oliver is actually happy about going to bed, laying down his head on our shoulders and giving a big sigh as we work through his nightly routine. No crying, no fussing. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our results, and the best part is, Oliver is so much more happy when he wakes up in the morning and throughout the day. Not to mention, our evenings are free to once again enjoy our marriage.

We highly recommend Valentina and Baby Buona Notte to anyone wanting a happy, refreshed baby that sleeps through the night!”

Tatiana & Marty

“The changes were dramatic and quick! Within 3 days we had lessened and then eliminated night feedings without any protest from my son, and he was sleeping in his own bed throughout the night! I can’t thank her enough, and wouldn’t hesitate to give her my highest recommendation! Thank you, Valentina!!”

Charlene & Casey