Short naps, early risings, awake in the night…sound familiar?

Have you read all the baby sleep books out there and still no luck helping your child get the rest they need?
Imagine if you knew exactly what to do when your child cries at night…


I’ll give you all the tools you’ll need to help your baby sleep soundly on a daily basis. 


We were so so so happy to have connected with Valentina and get to the bottom of Roen’s issue! I truly was blown away by her services. She is wise beyond her years, completely supportive and absolutely lovely. I would recommend Valentina to anyone.

Erin & Darren


To our amazement, after only two weeks of sticking to the personalized plan Valentina created for us, Tommaso now sleeps 7:30pm to 6:00am…straight…We still can’t even believe it. We finally get to sleep again!

Ilaria & Gaspare


It has changed our lives and our daughter is now much happier now that she is sleeping more than she has over the past year.

Dana & Wesley


We were so exhausted before she started working with us and now we get some alone time and a full night’s sleep.